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The Importance of Planning for an Open Casket Funeral Service

An open casket funeral service provides a memorable and deeply personal moment for family and friends to bid a peaceful farewell to the deceased. It serves as a tangible parting ceremony, offering comfort to all who mourn by allowing them to see their loved one for the last time before burial or cremation.

In funeral homes and crematoriums across China, discussing whether to hold an open casket is one of the important steps in arranging a funeral, thus highlighting the significance of this decision in the funeral planning process. In China, it is common to hold an open casket for the deceased, commonly referred to as a memorial service. On the day of the memorial service, the body of the deceased is carefully made up by a funeral beautician and placed in a large viewing casket at the service venue. The body is covered with a national flag or special funeral attire. After the service begins, relatives and friends will move along the viewing casket one by one, paying their respects to the deceased with a final salute and taking a last look at the visage of the departed.

Considerations for an Open Casket Funeral

The decision to have an open casket involves several key considerations, each playing a crucial role in ensuring the deceased is remembered as they were in life. One important aspect is the use of recent photographs of the deceased.

These photos are an essential reference for funeral beauticians, enabling them to accurately recreate the individual's everyday appearance. The work of the funeral beautician to achieve a natural appearance of the deceased is of utmost importance; therefore, they often use their makeup kits and, as appropriate, items provided by the family, such as lipstick or eye makeup.

Funeral embalming and makeup are delicate processes aimed at presenting the deceased in as natural and familiar a manner as possible. However, the appearance of the skin can sometimes be altered during the embalming process, making recent reference photos invaluable. Natural base makeup is applied to ensure the body does not appear washed out, with special attention given to the face and hands.

The Timing of the Funeral Memorial Service is Crucial

The timing of the funeral memorial service is another key factor in planning for an open casket. The length of time between death and the funeral service, along with the embalming process, can affect the appearance of the skin, often causing an unnatural yellowish hue.

In such cases, a thicker base coat of makeup can mitigate this effect. However, if a comfortable effect cannot be achieved, a closed casket funeral may be recommended in some cases to prevent increasing the distress of mourners and to avoid leaving a painful last memory.

Interestingly, even when an open casket funeral or memorial service is not initially intended, the body is standardly prepared with makeup and hairstyle by the funeral beautician. This allows family members the option to reconsider an open casket funeral or memorial service if the deceased appears more natural and peaceful than anticipated.

In today's era of advanced digital technology, online funeral arrangements have simplified the decision-making process for families considering an open casket. Providing the funeral home with recent reference photos of the deceased, clothing preferences, and specific requests for hairstyle and makeup in advance can significantly alleviate the stress associated with making these decisions while grieving.

Personalization Helps Comfort Mourners

Personalization plays a significant role in open casket funeral memorial services, allowing families to reflect the unique life and passions of their loved one. From incorporating elements that highlight a person's hobbies, such as travel, hunting, or fishing gear, to honoring a veteran's service with their medals, these personalized touches ensure that the open casket is a source of comfort for mourners.

The choice of attire for the deceased is also guided by personal preference and lifestyle, indicating that traditional suits and dresses are not mandatory. The inclusion of personal items, such as jewelry, is another aspect families consider, often deciding whether these items should accompany their loved one in burial or be kept as cherished mementos.

Planning for an open casket funeral memorial service is a deeply personal decision that involves careful consideration of various factors to ensure the service is a comforting and respectful farewell. In funeral homes and crematoriums across China, people understand the importance of this choice and are here to guide families through every step of the process, ensuring that their loved ones are honored in a manner that reflects their life and legacy.

By planning ahead for the funeral memorial service, families can ensure that the open casket funeral not only serves as a fitting tribute but also provides solace during a time of loss.

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