Human Cremation Equipment made in China

In China,Human Cremation Equipment is divided into two categories according to the equipment structure, including ash picking-up cremation machines and flat cremation machines.

Ash Picking-up Human Cremation Equipment

ash picking-up human cremator made in china

OYJ series high-grade fully-automatic and highly efficient energy-savable pickup Human Cremation Equipment include 3 types. as Type OYJ5000, Type OY6000 and Type OYJ7000

 During the period of combustion, the software appropriate to different type is used for automatic ignition, automatic control of chamber pressure and temperature and automatic adjustment of air volume. In the preparation room the pickup cart and cooling device are arranged.

The descending seal fits perfectly with the pitted surfaces of trolley conveyor to ensure the stable and reliable conveyance of remains. Small in size and luxurious in appearance, the trolley conveyor is fully in conformity with the requirements for civilized cremation and environmental protection.

Its technical performance is superior to the similar kinds from the developed countries.

Particularly, Type OY6000J and Type OY7000J pickup cremators are the newest products from us.

They are human-oriented, highly civilized, highly efficient, energy-savable and most environmental in design.

The pickup of cremains is isolated from cremation. A separate luxurious pickup room is ready. By the end of cremation, the trolley conveyor automatically carries the cremains to the pickup room, then, the highly efficient dust remover clears out the pitted surfaces just for the purpose of civilized cremation.

Besides, the residual heat system, reasonably arranged, may increase the oxygen temperature. It reduces the energy consumption furthermore to achieve the environmental protection and energy conservation. Really it is a substantial progress of energy-saving and environmental protection to the cremator, because the energy is reduced by two-thirds or more as compared with the original one, and it needs only10 or 15 kilograms of diesel oil averagely for the continuous cremation of a single corpse.

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Flat Bed Human Cremation Equipment

OYP series high-grade plate Human Cremation Equipment mainly includes of Type OYP5000, Type OYP6000 and Type OYP7000.

flat flat cremator made in china 800

It is equipped with the software for automatic ignition and automatic control of chamber pressure, air volume and chamber temperature within an appropriate range.

The two-way crawler body trolley is ready in the preparation room for a stable, civilized and safe conveyance of cremains. What’s more, it is supplied with an imported energy-saving combustor to ensure a higher rate of success in ignition and good combustion. Its complete combustion and induced smoke discharge are both fully in accordance with the requirements for environmental protection as stipulated by the state.

OYP series fully-automatic cremator is a newly developed product for energy conservation and environmental protection.

Firstly, it is to control the combustion effect by adjusting chamber structure, increasing smoke flow and adjusting the distribution of oxygen intakes just for the purpose of environmental protection in a further step;

Secondly it is to increase the oxygen temperature and reduce the energy consumption through residual-heat utilization and hot-air system, and as a result, its energy consumption is one-third or less of the original one. Only 6 or 12 kilograms of diesel oil is needed averagely for the continuous cremation of a single corpse.

Thirdly, its new automatic control system and automatic, semi-automatic and manual operating systems will raise the automaticity of the equipment.