Cremation Filter

Dust removal filter system for cremation machine flue gas

Cremation filtration system and the best crematorium filtration on the Chinese market.

The OYF filter system is a complete installation in a modular structure, suitable for any cremation machine we produce, and meets all Chinese emission requirements.

The flexible structure allows the filter to be installed in almost any position.

The OYF filter device can remove 99% of all dust, sulfur dioxide, dioxins, mercury and HCL.

Among the domestic industry, the market share is the highest and the market share is the highest. Beijing, Tianjin, and Chongqing account for 90%, Shanghai 40%, national capital cities and autonomous region capital cities account for 89%, and the national average is over 60%. 

We are a brand enterprise with a long history, the largest scale, the strongest strength, leading technology, the most achievements, the highest market share, a good reputation among users, and foreign exchange earning through exports in the same industry across the country.

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