deliver ashes by mail package

Deliver ashes by mail package

When shipping ashes, the United States Postal Service (USPS) is the only legal shipping method.

In other words, UPS, Fed Ex or DHL will not deliberately transport ashes.

There are many reasons why you may need to transport ashes.

You need to transport the ashes to someone else in another location.

Someone was cremated after death in another city, state or country, and the ashes need to be transported home.

This is a decision to distribute cremation ashes among family members in different locations.

If you add ashes to jewelry, artwork, or other devices that display the ashes, you must send the ashes to the manufacturer.

The deceased expressed their wish to bury their ashes or spread them far away.

United States Postal Service

The preparation of ashes for transportation involves more details than a typical package.

The postal service has guidelines that you must follow.

The following instructions will ensure that the ashes are properly packed:

Both the inner box and the outer box are required.

Fillers such as foam wrapping paper or styrofoam peanuts should also be used to prevent any movement of the items in the box during transportation.

Before sealing the box, a note with the contact information of the sender and recipient should be placed in the box to prevent problems with the outside label.

USPS recommends that you use one of their free Priority Mail Express boxes as the outer box.

Identify the contents by attaching the Postal Service cremation label (label #139) to the outside of the box next to the shipping label.

Verify the address and write it clearly or type the label.

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