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Advice for ashes spreading

Although there are many suggestions and information about the spreading of ashes, many things are often inconvenient for people to talk about.

Some of them may be a bit unpleasant, but it is best to know them beforehand to avoid surprises.

The writer Tré Miller Rodríguez expressed many of these surprises.

She hopes that someone will be more candid with her before she faces the spreading of her husband's ashes.

Be sure to read her personal and touching story.

Take time to think

People usually enter in a hurry without stopping to think carefully.

Many people will decide to sow all the ashes in one place at a time.

Stop and think about it, once they spread a place, they can't find it again.

It is recommended to broadcast only part of it, in case you find another perfect location someday in the future.

Another family member may later express a desire to share some of them.

If you are not 100% sure, please take some time to read our guide on how to dispose of ashes.

Transport the ashes

2021 Ash Spreading Guide: Ideas, Permits, Rituals, etc.

Spreading is generally considered to be a spiritual act of releasing people.

It provides an opportunity to commemorate them in a way unique to him or her.

If you are seeking advice on scattering, this guide will take you through everything you need to know.

We will introduce all the options, such as the best places and methods for dusting.

We will also discuss the legality, permissions, and ideas of the rituals you might want to perform while spreading the ashes.

Where to scatter ashes: the best ideas and places

After the cremation is complete, you can almost think of countless places to scatter ashes.

Here are some of the most popular places, hope they can help you come up with a perfect place for your loved one.

Scattered ashes

Scattering ashes at sea is a very popular method.

You might think of pouring the ashes from the urn into a body of water from a boat, but there are several ways to do it.

Hiring a company

First of all, there are some shipping companies that specialize in dispersing sea ceremonies.

Spread by yourself

Biodegradable urn

If you are looking for something less complicated and formal, you only need to find a piece of water to release the ashes.

In this case, we recommend using biodegradable water urns.

These urns can be in the shape of flowers or shells and are specially designed to float beautifully and slowly dissolve in water.

About private property

Wild flower field

You may wish to scatter your ashes on the property where you or your family live.

This can provide comfort and feeling that their spirit is still there to take care of the family.

Maybe someone owns a beautiful property on the lake, or a beautiful property in a place covered with wildflowers, this is an ideal place to spend eternity.

In most cases, as long as the landowner’s permission is obtained, there is no problem with scattering the ashes on private property.

About public property

The deceased may request natural places where they like to hunt or hike, such as a national park.

A person who likes fishing is likely to want their favorite fishing hole as a resting place.

Perhaps the only wish of climbers is to scatter from the peaks they climbed.

It is not uncommon for a huge baseball or football fan to hope that their remains will be scattered on the field of their favorite team.

Do your own research

Any of these suggestions may occur on public property, and may require some research on whether the dispersion is legal.

Scattered garden

Fairmount Scattered Garden

This is a peaceful and spiritual event, a fascinating way to put your beloved in peace.

These beautiful gardens are usually located in crematoriums or cemeteries and are dedicated to spreading ashes.

Many families choose to hold a memorial service during the spread.

Each facility is different, but some facilities provide markings, such as plaques, plants, statues, or other memorials, representing the presence of relatives lying there.

Spread ashes in the air

Air scattering of Homeward Bound

This method has become more and more popular in the past few years.

The person you love may be a pilot, or they just want to disperse from a height.

Find a company to broadcast

Many pilots now specialize in this procedure.

Scattering ashes from an airplane usually blows them back into the faces of passengers.

For this reason, most of these pilots have installed a special device on the aircraft that can effectively spray ashes on the required area.

Drone broadcast

Another heavenly farewell, we keep hearing more news about drones, why shouldn't you use it at the end of life.

Once again, to avoid blowing the ashes back on your face, drones can now spread, while friends and family are watching from safe ground.

In most cases, they can also take photos or videos of the event.

How to scatter ashes: the methods available

In addition to the ones we are discussing so far, here are some different ash scattering modes:

Cast Ash

This may have come to mind when thinking about scattered ashes.

It can be done by hand or with scattered urns.

Gail Rubin has an informative video on the best method of ashes.

Ditching the ashes

Limited only by your imagination, this involves digging a fairly shallow trench in the ground or sand.

It can be straight groove or any design you want.

Then pour the ashes into the area and push or rake the dirt or sand on the ashes.

This can be done with mourners surrounding the area.

Lighting candles at night is also a good choice.

Another attractive method is to do this close to a body of water, so that the tide will come in and gradually carry away the residue.

Ringing ashes

Ashes in the ocean

As the name suggests, this is the act of spreading ashes around an object.

In many cases, the object is a tree, a special souvenir of the past, or a memorial that marks the scattered place.

This may involve each mourner walking into the circle, one at a time, saying a few words or reading something special.

Again, it depends on your own inspiration or how the dead want it to happen.

Green Funeral

This may be an important method for people who care about the environment and want to do their part to protect our planet.

Green tombs come in different forms.

Many times, the ashes are buried in a biodegradable urn, which is easily decomposed in the soil.

Some go further and include a plant that will grow at the burial site.

Tree planting funeral

Implant urn

It can even turn ashes into a tree.

These tree urn kits contain seeds and everything needed to grow trees.

Is it legal to scatter ashes?

Terms and rules, in most cases, yes.

In other cases, special permits and some paperwork may be required.

The legal issues and rules depend on the method you use and your location.

State and local laws may differ, so you should consult the city and state regulations where the scattering will occur.

National Park

As long as permission is obtained in advance, many national parks allow dispersion.

They also have different regulations, so contacting the National Park Service is the best way to get the information you are interested in.

on the sea

It is also recommended to investigate federal laws, especially if it will be conducted on waters.

Some of these laws may include that if the ashes are spread a certain distance from the coast, if they are contained in a cinerary, it must be biodegradable.

On inland waterways, as long as permission is obtained in advance, ashes can sometimes be scattered.

Therefore, it is recommended that you do some homework in advance to ensure that you will not violate any laws, if this is a problem.

Catholics and scattered ashes

Pope Francis on cremation

Although Catholics can be cremated, the church issued an announcement in 2016 confirming that it is not allowed to spread.

Instead, the body should be buried.

Therefore, if the person you love is a Catholic, it may be worth considering.

On the other hand, if you are interested in the Bible, please read what the Bible says about cremation.

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