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Established in the 1970s, China’s oldest professional cremator manufacturer.
We own more than 60% of China's cremation equipment market

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Cremation equipment made in China

As one of the fastest growing cremation manufacturing companies, it serves the domestic and international markets.
Provide technologically advanced human cremation equipment and animal cremation machines, suitable for small batch and large batch operations.

For more than 40 years, OY has been committed to developing innovative new cremation machines for human cremations and animal/pet cremators.These cremators are the most innovative human crematoriums on the Chinese market.

Combined with our professional cremator flue gas dust filter system, we can build each crematorium into an environmentally friendly crematorium that represents green cremation.

Through energy conservation, these crematoriums have corporate social responsibility.

You can ask our consultants to provide the best cremation solution for your crematorium.4

01.Ash Picking-up Human Cremator

OYJ series high-grade fully-automatic and highly efficient energy-savable pickup cremators include 3 types, such as Type OYJ5000, Type OYJ6000 and Type OYJ7000.

During the period of combustion, the software appropriate to different type is used for automatic ignition, automatic control of chamber pressure and temperature and automatic adjustment of air volume. 

In the preparation room the pickup cart and cooling device are arranged. The descending seal fits perfectly with the pitted surfaces of trolley conveyor to ensure the stable and reliable conveyance of remains. Small in size and luxurious in appearance, the trolley conveyor is fully in conformity with the requirements for civilized cremation and environmental protection. Its technical performance is superior to the similar kinds from the developed countries.

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OY's internal design has more than just cremation machines. It can also provide ancillary equipment, operating system and flue gas dust removal and filtration treatment system.

Cremator is one of OY's own crematorium products and designs, which are sold all over the world, occupying an average of 60% of the sales market in China.

In addition to design, manufacturing and installation, it also provides the best crematorium maintenance services according to customer requirements.

Faults can be posted online or resolved on the spot 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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02.Flat Human Cremator

OYP series high-grade plate cremator mainly includes of Type OYP5000, Type OYP6000 and Type OYP7000

It is equipped with the software for automatic ignition and automatic control of chamber pressure, air volume and chamber temperature within an appropriate range. 

The two-way crawler body trolley is ready in the preparation room for a stable, civilized and safe conveyance of cremains. What’s more, it is supplied with an imported energy-saving combustor to ensure a higher rate of success in ignition and good combustion. 

Its complete combustion and induced smoke discharge are both fully in accordance with the requirements for environmental protection as stipulated by the state.

03.Tower Shap Human Cremator

OY series high-grade fully-automatic tower cremator, also called tower furnace or sitting furnace, is a kind of cremator with the body sitting up for burning.

It is often used by the minor nationalities, temples and monks only in line with their funeral and religious traditions and to meet the requirements for environmental protection of the state.

It is designed for an automatic control of incineration, automatic adjustment of temperature, pressure and time.

It is in the shape of a golden tower, beautiful, dignified and with distinguishing features in Buddhist culture.

04.Pet Cremation Equipment

OY-PCF series Animal Cremation Equipment mainly includes of Type OY-PCF100

It is equipped with the software for automatic ignition and automatic control of chamber pressure, air volume and chamber temperature within an appropriate range. 


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